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#MoscowAttack: Red alert as gunmen kill 40 in Russia



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The State Department said that the United States embassy has warned its citizens to avoid large gatherings following Friday’s terrorist attack in Moscow, Russia’s capital.

No fewer than 40 persons have been confirmed killed and over 100 injured when gunmen in camouflage clothing opened fire on people at a concert in the Crocus City Hall near Moscow on Friday, Russia’s FSB security service stated.

Chronicle NG gathered from several Russian media outlets that automatic weapons were used in what many have termed ‘one of the worst of attacks in Russia in years’.

At least five gunmen were shown in unverified videos firing repeatedly at screaming civilians cowering in the concert hall as Soviet-era rock group “Picnic” was about to perform, Reuters reported.

Other video footage, now widely circulated across X, showed the men shooting people below what looked like an entrance sign to “Crocus City Hall”.

In several pictures and videos on social media, people were seen lying motionless in pools of blood outside the hall after the attack.