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Minister apologizes to UNICAL victims after threat




Uju Kennedy Ohanenye, the Minister of Women’s Affairs, has apologized to individuals who were upset by her statements and conduct in relation to the sexual harassment issue at the University of Calabar (UNICAL) in Cross River State.

The minister underscored her steadfast commitment to preserving due diligence and the rule of law in a statement made on Sunday, emphasising that justice and fairness are the essential principles upon which egalitarian communities are based.

The announcement comes in response to recent public debates and comments from concerned Nigerians regarding the unfolding issue at UNICAL, which involves the dean of the faculty of law, Professor Cyril Ndifon, and sexual harassment claims brought against him.

The minister emphasised her commitment to protecting and advancing Nigerian women’s rights and wellbeing, including the pursuit of justice when these rights are abused.

She notes that her intentions were sincere and align with her consistent advocacy for the welfare of Nigerian women and the pursuit of justice.

She insists that she stands for all Nigerian women and for justice, and she vows to make a society where women’s rights are respected and safeguarded and where girls feel safe in educational institutions a reality.

According to the statement, the minister is unambiguous in her denunciation of sexual harassment and associated offences. She also expressed profound worry about the growing number of incidences of sexual harassment on college campuses and emphasised the importance of swift action, saying that her ministry will actively seek justice for those impacted.

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