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Man calls off wedding over bride’s infidelity




A wedding scheduled to take place on April 13, 2024, has reportedly been called off due to infidelity on the bride’s part.

The call-off of the wedding was announced in a statement published in the groom’s committee of friends’ WhatsApp group.

According to the statement, a series of tests conducted by the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) revealed the bride is pregnant, a pregnancy the groom reportedly denied.

The statement reads, “The wedding is cancelled due to a serious reason.

“It has been cancelled by the church because of the second test results received from the ECWA clinic, and after investigation, the Amarya (bride) must go for six months of church discipline.

“Our friend the ango (groom) to be is innocent and is free to choose if he can continue with her or if he will look for another wife.”

Speaking on the outcome of the pregnancy test result, the groom wrote, “Shalom to you, my lovely friends. Please accept my apology and continue to pray with me.

“I also thank God for everything. At first, you will blame God, but with patience, later, you will appreciate him.”

He also added, “Please, I want to solicit your support and prayers. Maybe this December or next year, by this time, in God’s will, I will get married.

“Please be available anytime I need you for a committee of friends. By God’s grace, this will never happen again. Pray for me and for the amarya (bride) to be.”