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Man accuses Omokri of raping 15-year-old daughter



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Abraham Daniel has accused pastor Isaac Omokri, the brother of Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, of raping his 15-year-old daughter.

Omokri, a pastor with The Nuture Centre (Church), is alleged to have sexually molested the minor in 2023.

According to a video posted by the disgruntled father of the victim, Omokri walks freely despite allegedly committing the heinous act.

Stating that the Omokri’s are highly placed in the society, he noted that though the matter had been taken to court, “the matter had been compromised.”

Furthermore, he alleged that the police, the court and the judges have also been compromised.

The pastor was said to have threatened to kill the minor and her entire family if she disclosed the rape incident to anyone.

“In 2023, my daughter was raped by her pastor, Isaac Omokri. Isaac Omokri is the step-brother to Reno Omokri, and this same pastor, Isaac Omokri, has a mentor whose name is Chief Uyi Ibenedo Gibs.

“My daughter was 15 years old when this rape took place last year. I learned of the matter recently, and I am crying for justice because the matter went to the police and went to court, but right now, the matter has been compromised.

“They’re doing everything possible to let him go freely. The police have been compromised, and the judges and the court have been compromised.

“The case that was at the High Court was later moved to Apo without even the notice of my ex because, as of that time, she never told me. She was the one running around for the case.

“All I am asking for is justice for my daughter. As a result of this rape and molestation, it has affected her studies and everything about her life.

“This same pastor promised her marriage and said he would take care of her. He even gave her an engagement ring. He threatened her, saying that if she told anybody, she would die; that her family members will die. The same pastor even told her that if she tells anybody, she will have kidney failure.

“Now I am begging the whole world; I do not want the Nigerian government to fail my daughter. I do not want to fail my daughter as a father. If you are a father, you will understand it better.

“All I want is justice. Isaac Omokri, and whoever is involved must be brought to justice.”