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LASG gives 4-day relocation deadline to squatters in Lagos coastal road, Lekki 



Tokunbo Wahab 1

Lagos State Government’s decisive move to address the surge in shanties and illegal structures along the Lagos coastal road in the Mayegun, Lekki area has taken center stage with a four-day relocation notice issued on Sunday.  

The announcement, made during an inspection by Honourable Commission for Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, emphasized the imperative for squatters near the Regional Road Alignment to vacate by Thursday afternoon.

Wahab warned of impending enforcement from Friday morning for non-compliance, portraying that all properties had received mandatory notices. 

Accompanied by key officials, including SA Environment Kunle Rotimi-Akodu and PS Drainage Services Engr Mahmood Adegbite, Wahab stressed the critical need to secure coastal alignment and eliminate illegal settlements.  

Plans for clearance and regeneration by the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LABCA) were outlined for the following week. The commissioner reflected on the government’s success in clearing notorious areas, citing Ijora, Obalende underbridge, Apongbon underbridge, and Agege Red rail line, all previously known for criminal activities. 

What he said 

 Outlining the government’s previous success in clearing notorious areas like Ijora, Obalende underbridge, Apongbon underbridge, and Agege Red rail line, known for harboring criminals. Wahab stressed the need for similar action in the affected regions to ensure resident safety.  

  • “The government has cleared Ijora and Obalende underbridge, Obalende, Apongbon underbridge, and Agege Red rail line amongst others. I would like to say that most of the cleaned places were notorious for harbouring criminals and were threats to residents” he said. 

What you should know 

The enforcement drive, part of a state-wide initiative, aims to open a 40-meter drainage on System 157 (Orchid Road), tackling flooding caused by constructions on canal paths.

Wahab mentioned stakeholder meetings held in the last quarter of 2023, where contravention notices were issued to property owners and residents.

Despite these efforts, the lack of commitment from the affected community members necessitated the relocation directive. 

Additionally, the team visited Ilubirin to assess the progress of a three-year-old project involving the installation of an underground tank to address flooding on Lagos Island. 

 Wahab confirmed the contractor’s assurance that the project would be completed in 90 days. Ilubirin’s strategic importance lies in the government’s plan to regenerate Isale Eko and surrounding areas, emphasizing the need for effective water outflow through the Ilubirin path.  

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