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Lagos state govt is an enabler of touting, thuggery




The Lagos state government has been accused of being complicit in enabling the widespread touting and thuggery in the state.

In a statement on Friday, Ladi Ajala accused the APC-led Lagos State government of allegedly promoting touting and thuggery in the “Centre of Excellence.”

Ajala made the remarks while responding to news of the conviction of hoodlums who were arrested for extorting pedestrian bridge users by a magistrate court.

Chronicle NG reports that the State’s Magistrates Court sitting in Oshodi convicted hoodlums extorting traders and other users of the pedestrian bridge in the Yaba area of the state.

Magistrate Oshikoya found the suspects guilty of breach of public peace and illegal collection of money from people with goods and sentenced the defendants to 1 month in prison.

Reacting to the news, while many noted that the sentence for the crime was small, Ajala berated the state government for allegedly aiding and abetting criminality.

Ajala wrote, “I knew it; this Lagos APC government is a huge enabler of touting and thuggery. We are not ready for sanity in Lagos.”