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Lagos State anticipates unprecedented rainfall in 2024 



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The Lagos State Government announced on Tuesday an expectation of unusually high rainfall for the 2024 season across the state, with a total forecast of 1936.2 mm.  

Mr. Tokunbo Wahab, Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, delivered this announcement at a press briefing on the Seasonal Climate Predictions (SCP) and their socio-economic impacts on Lagos State, held at the Ministry’s Conference Room in Alausa. 

According to the Commissioner, the predicted average annual rainfall for 2024 is 1936.2mm, exceeding the long-term average of 1721.48mm. The rainfall is expected to begin in the first week of April and end in the first week of December.  

Specifically, Ikeja is forecasted to have rainfall starting on 4th April and ending on 4th December, with a total of 1900mm. Badagry is expected to experience rainfall from 1st April to 5th December, accumulating 1978mm. 

For Ikorodu, the anticipated rainfall is set to commence on 4th April and conclude on 4th December, totalling 1903mm for the year. Mr. Wahab also mentioned that Lagos Island should expect its rainfall to begin on 3rd April and cease on 4th December, with an annual total of 1936mm. In Epe, rainfall is expected to start on 2nd April and end on 5th December, with a total of 1952mm for the year. 

The announcement also highlighted that the first half of the rainy season is expected to bring below-normal rainfall amounts, while the second half is predicted to experience normal to above-normal amounts.  

More insights 

  • Discussing how the State Government is preparing for potential disasters that could happen due to forecasted above-normal rainfall, Wahab mentioned the maintenance of weather and river gauge stations across the state to monitor environmental conditions and improve readiness for weather and flood-related challenges.  
  • The Commissioner also pointed out the ongoing partnership of the Lagos State Government with the Ogun-Osun River Basin Authority (OORBDA) to control water discharges from the Oyan Dam, essential for reducing flood risks in the Ogun River’s downstream areas. He also said that the Lagos State Government has enhanced its Flood Early Warning Systems (FEWS) for timely and effective responses in flood-prone areas like Agiliti, Agboyi, Itowolo, and Ajegunle.  
  • Wahab indicated that the Lagos State Government has readied emergency and traffic management teams to address the expected severe weather and imminent temporary flooding, which is anticipated with the onset of high rainfall and tidal effects. 
  • The Commissioner affirmed that Drainage Engineers are positioned across all 57 LGAs and LCDAs, handling drainage issues throughout the rainy season, underscoring the state’s proactive approach to flood management and disaster prevention. 

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