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Lagos-Shagamu Expressway Long Bridge Repair to begin March 4 



Lagos Shagamu Expressway Long Bridge

The Federal Government has announced crucial repairs for the Lagos-Shagamu Expressway’s Long Bridge, specifically targeting its damaged expansion joints.  

Olukorede Kesha, the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, conveyed this information in a statement on Friday night, emphasizing the necessity of addressing the infrastructure concerns for enhanced safety and functionality. 

Beginning on Monday, March 4, 2024, the repair works will be undertaken simultaneously on both bounds of the long bridge.

The initiative aims to rectify the damaged expansion joints, a critical aspect of the bridge’s structural integrity.

While recognizing the potential inconvenience for motorists, Mrs Kesha appealed for patience and cooperation from the public during the repair period.  

As part of the repair strategy, traffic leaving and entering Lagos via the long bridge will be restricted to two lanes on both sides.

This measure facilitates the efficient execution of repair works on the remaining two lanes of the carriageways.

Motorists are advised to exercise patience and adhere to lane discipline while navigating the narrowed sections of the bridge.  

More insight 

To accommodate the altered traffic flow, an earth road beside the Shagamu-bound carriageway will be made motorable, serving as a complementary route.

Additionally, alternative routes are recommended for other road users to minimize congestion and ensure a smoother commute.  

The repair operation is scheduled to commence at 7:00 a.m. on Monday, March 4, and is expected to continue until March 25.

During this period, motorists are encouraged to cooperate with deployed traffic management officials to facilitate efficient traffic flow and mitigate discomfort. 

This proactive approach by the Federal Government emphasizes the commitment to maintaining and enhancing critical infrastructure, aligning with broader goals of ensuring safety, efficiency, and resilience in the transportation network.

While the repairs may pose temporary challenges, the long-term benefits in terms of improved bridge functionality and safety are paramount. 

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