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Lagos pedestrians using the bridge pay N100 levy



Pedestrians crossing expressway in Lagos

Lagos pedestrians with heavy luggage must now pay a N100 levy before they can access the Yaba pedestrian bridge.

A viral clip on Instagram by Guardian Nigeria on Wednesday showed a thug, on two separate occasions, blocking the access of two women carrying loads from climbing the bridge until they paid the N100 levy he demanded.

However, the video also showed other pedestrians without loads having unhindered access to the bridge.

The video was shared with the caption, “In Yaba, Lagos State, individuals are imposing a fee of N100 on pedestrians carrying loads to use the pedestrian bridge, coinciding with the enforcement of laws against jaywalking in Lagos.

Nigerians on social media urge the state government to address this issue.

Chronicle NG was unable to confirm whether the levy also applies to other pedestrian bridges in the state, and it remains unclear whether the state government is aware of or has approved the imposed levy.

In an effort to encourage pedestrians to use the bridges and stop risking their lives to cross the highways, security agencies in the state have recently begun arresting and charging miscreants who sleep on the bridge in court.