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Jigawa state to launch disaster management trust fund  



Mallam Umar Namadi

The Jigawa State Government is poised to establish the Permanent Flood Disaster Emergency Trust Fund in a bid to address recurrent flood disasters in the state.  

Governor Mallam Umar Namadi made this announcement during the inauguration of a flood disaster management committee at the Government House on Friday. 

The committee, led by Arc. Aminu Kani, is tasked with the crucial responsibility of finalizing the establishment of the Flood Disaster Emergency Trust Fund.  

Governor Namadi expressed satisfaction with the progress made in addressing the 2022 flood disaster incident and stressed the urgency of swift action on pending issues from the previous committee’s report. 

The disaster management trust fund 

Commending the former committee’s efforts, which mobilized over N1.1 billion and provided relief to over 34,000 victims, Governor Namadi outlined the objective of the Trust Fund as a first-resort emergency response for rehabilitation and relief to disaster victims on a sustainable basis. 

  • While acknowledging the draft bill produced by the former committee, Governor Namadi highlighted the need for further review before finalization.  
  • The newly inaugurated committee’s primary objectives include finalizing operational modalities, reviewing and updating the draft bill, and resolving any pending payment issues through reconciliations with relevant banks. 

Expressing confidence in the committee’s capabilities, Governor Namadi assured them of necessary logistical support for the efficient execution of their tasks within the designated two-month timeframe.  

Once the legislation establishing the Trust Fund is passed and receives assent, the Governor pledged commitment to its effective implementation in accordance with the law. 

Hamisu Mohammed Gumel, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Jigawa State, that a permanent arrangement will be made promptly to ensure the proper take-up of the Trust Fund in compliance with the law. 

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