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Internet users fume over data quality drop in Nigeria



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Internet users have taken to social media to express displeasure over the quality of data from internet service providers (ISPs) in Nigeria.

Ajebo Danny has been frustrated while juggling between three internet service providers. He said, “I think internet providers in Nigeria have somehow reduced the quality of data services. Because I dunno, man, network quality has been terrible across all providers the past few months.”

“I’ve switched between MTN, Spectranet, and Fiberone in the past few days, and they’re all terrible. Tired man, he added.”

Reacting to Danny’s X post on internet service providers. Zahirah wrote, “I think the cost of powering their mast nationwide is very expensive now.” The Tinubu administration is the worst thing to happen to Nigeria.

“Especially MTN, they will ask for bread; God will give them stones, Aderinsola prayed.

Yusluv wished to turn back the hands of time: “Nothing is ever stable in this country; others increase their service qualities with time; industries in Nigeria increase prices and still mess up the quality. Sometimes, I wish I had a time machine so I could taste the bread they used to make in 2010 compared to this time.”

Smart Akukoma revealed how he got over his frustration: “Are you still a customer of internet providers in this country? They showed me Shege after many years of using their services, MTN and Airtel, respectively. On August 20, 2023, I spent N200k+ on an Airtel subscription; the 10k sub doesn’t even last 24 hours. I kept wondering if I’m a target in the hands of Airtel. I called and called, and they told me they would work on it. I finally bought Starlink in September, and all my network problems were solved by 95%. Anytime I’m home, I enjoy unlimited internet without stress and as fast as 6G.”

“You will literally have 2-3 internet providers, and all will be down at once. Maybe they just cooperate and put off their generators where their mast is being powered at once, because that’s the only explanation I can come to. Why are all of you down at once? Markson Mfoniso suspects ISP conspiracy.”