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Igbos will lead Nigeria into another civil war



A Biafran soldier during the Nigerian Civil war

A pan-Yoruba activist, Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo, has alleged that the Igbos will lead Nigeria into another civil war.

In a statement published on his verified X page on Friday, Kakanfo noted that the ethnic divide between the Yoruba and the Igbos cannot be placated unless the Southwest surrenders its political will to the Igbos.

Stating that the Igbos and Yoruba are sworn enemies, Kakanfo noted that this is so because of the domineering nature of the Igbos, who “wants to tell Yoruba men how to rule Oyo State” and also “claim the same rights as the Ijaws of Bayelsa.”

Kakanfo noted that while the Yoruba seek the aggrandizement of Yorubaland, the Igbos “want a Nigeria where they will be fighting with the Hausa man in Kano on who will become the Governor of Kano.”

He noted that if they are not nipped in the bud, their actions and inactions may plunge the country into another civil war.

Kakanfo’s statement reads, “The Southwest and Southeast can never align politically in Nigeria unless the Southwest is ready to surrender the political, economic, and social control of the Southwest to the Igbos.

“What does the south-west want in Nigeria? The majority of the southwesterners want a Nigeria where the resources and taxes of the south-west will be used to cater for the development of Yorubaland.

“An average Yoruba man is not interested in how any South East, South-South, or North West state spends their resources or the kind of local policies they make for their people. We want to practice true federalism by minding our business within a diverse and united Nigeria.

“What does the South East want in Nigeria? An average South Easterner is not content with Igboland.

“He wants to tell Yoruba men how to rule Oyo State; he wants to claim the same rights as the Ijaws of Bayelsa. Most Igbos want a Nigeria where they will be fighting with the Hausa man in Kano over who will become the governor of Kano.

“He wants to tell a Kanuri man in Borno why he should throw away his history, heritage, and Islamic civilization and embrace the kind of Nigeria that Azikwe preached that led to the bloody civil war of 1967.

“The Southeast complains about everyone and has turned themselves into opposition in any non-Igbo state in Nigeria.

“While they practice hardcore Igbo nationalism in their five eastern states, they become the financiers and organizers of detribalization, neoliberalism, and pan-Africanism in Yorubaland, the Niger Delta region, and the core north.

“The kind of politics they practice is not compatible with Federalism, which is why they have been the biggest beneficiaries of this chaotic unitarian system of government since 1966.

“They go everywhere and complain about how the natives run their indigenous local politics.

“If Nigeria is not properly structured, they will lead Nigeria to another 1967. The Southwest and South East are eternal political enemies within Nigeria due to parallel ideological differences.”