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Igbos are the greatest beneficiaries of one Nigeria



Cross section of chief at Ohanaeze Ndigbo gathering

A social media influencer, simply identified as Hidima, has condemned the notion that Igbos are marginalized politically and economically in Nigeria.

In a statement on his X page on Sunday, Hidima, described as “nonsense,” claims that they “are not safe in Nigeria.”

Arguing that they are the “greatest beneficiaries of this establishment called Nigeria,” Hidima opined that “if they’re not, they won’t be seen anywhere outside the southeast.”

Recounting a tale of an alleged fight between a Southeastern trader and an indigene of an undisclosed south-south state, the social media influencer noted that those from the Southeastern part of the country are quick to defend themselves even when they are wrong.

Hidima’s statement reads, “Last year, I was in a popular Spare Part Market in one south/south state, and a fight broke out between an Igbo guy and a local of that state.

“The Igbo guy used a tool and injured the other boy. I was sitting with the market leader in a shade, and they brought the two for reconciliation.

“We learned there that instead of the other Igbo guys there to separate them, they joined hands in beating that boy. It almost turned into a tribal clash in the market with the Igbos.

“Igbos are everywhere in Nigeria and are the greatest beneficiaries of this establishment called Nigeria.

“Stop all this nonsense about saying Igbos are not safe in Nigeria. If they’re not, they won’t be seen anywhere outside  the southeast.”