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House of Reps to monitor Kaduna village bombings probe



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The House of Representatives says it will monitor investigation into the military drone attack that killed villagers in Kaduna State on December 3.

Chairman, House Committee on Defence, Babajimi Benson, gave the assurance in a statement titled “Tudun Biri tragedy elicits profound sorrow” in Abuja on Saturday.

He expressed regrets over the Kaduna incident and tasked army authorities and other security agencies to prioritise the safety of civilians during operations.

He urged them to be caution and implement measures to prevent similar occurrences in future.

He said, “The unfortunate incident in Tudun Biri community, Kaduna state, has cast a sombre mood over the hearts of all Nigerians; the house committee on defence is profoundly saddened by this regrettable incident. The loss of innocent lives in this tragic incident is heartbreaking, and our thoughts and prayers are with the affected families. We would like to recognise the prompt admission of responsibility by the Nigerian Army following the accidental air strike.”

He commended various stakeholders who played crucial roles in alleviating the suffering of the victims.

He said the incident underscored the significance of caution and precision in military operations, particularly in areas with civilian populations.

He said the committee acknowledged the complexities encountered by the armed forces in upholding security and addressing diverse threats across the country.

He commended the dedication and sacrifices exhibited by the armed forces and other security agencies in the service of the nation.

“It remains crucial for the public to steadfastly support our troops, acknowledging the intricate nature of the security environment in which they operate. The house committee on defence will closely monitor the investigations and work collaboratively with the military authorities to ensure that corrective measures are implemented to prevent the recurrence of such unfortunate incidents, ‘’he said.



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