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Hisbah’s actions are against principles of Islam



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The Kano State Hisbah Board’s directive to residents of other religions who are not observing this Ramadan fast to refrain from eating openly has been described as a negation of the doctrines of Islam.

In an interview with AIT Live, Director-General of the Board Abba Sai’Idu stated that the enforcement team now conducts more frequent patrols across the city to arrest any Muslim found engaging in any practice that is not in Islamic culture during the Holy Month.

Hisbah, which also announced the arrest of over ten Muslims who were caught eating during the fast, has been the subject of severe criticism from Nigerians.

Describing their activities as against the provisions of Islam, an X user simply identified as Solaj Global stated that Muslims should not be judged based on
“extremists who don’t understand the true knowledge of Islam.”

In a statement on X on Wednesday, Solaj noted that while fasting is fundamental in Islam, “Arresting people for not fasting goes against the principles of Islam.”

Solaj’s statement reads, “What Hisbah is doing is against the true knowledge of Islam.

“Please don’t judge Muslims based on some extremists who don’t understand the true knowledge of Islam.

“While fasting is a fundamental pillar of Islam, there are exceptions for those who are ill or have health conditions. Arresting people for not fasting goes against the principles of Islam.

“Everyone has the freedom of choice, and it’s important to respect individual reasons for not fasting. Islam emphasizes compassion and understanding towards one another.”