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Haitian politician Nortreus won’t involve in Haiti’s upcoming government



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Rising Haitian politician Werley Nortreus, founder of an independent political party, Jeunes Dirigeants Haïtiens Progressistes (JDHP), said on Wednesday that he is not in Haiti’s upcoming government.

He referred to the Presidential Council with the new Prime Minister and Ministers as he distanced himself from the MSS mission and the upcoming government to focus on a possible constitutional amendment based on his petition.

He also said he supported the MSS mission due to a lot of corrupt Haitian agents from the Haitian National Police being involved in serious human rights violations and abuses.

Nortreus said he sent a letter to the Haitian government on the constitution reform last year, but it never happened.

He also sent a letter to each party involved in the MSS mission last year to solve the security crisis. He said he sent a letter to CARICOM this year following the resignation of former Prime Minister Ariel Henry, but he’s not on the list of the new leaders named for the transitional period.

He said it’s unclear if the new leaders will continue the constitution reform, the MSS mission, and a general election.

“I am asked by friends, colleagues, and strangers if I will be part of the transitional council and government. My answer to them is no.

“Unfortunately, I will not be on it as my name is not on the list. I sent a letter to the former PM Ariel Henry and his government last year on the constitutional amendment, but it never happened.

“I also sent a letter to each party from the international community involved in the MSS mission to solve the security crisis and corrupt Haitian police officers, but I hope it is solved.

“Following the resignation of the former PM, I tried to reach out to CARICOM and proposed a ‘Plan B’, but there are disagreements between the parties involved about including new faces.

“From now on, I focus on a possible constitutional amendment based on the petition I created in  2022,” Nortreus said on Wednesday.

Former unelected PM Henry resigned after his visit to Kenya, and Haitian citizens said they supported Henry’s resignation, but they were not involved in naming new leaders for a transitional period.

The decision to install a Presidential Council with multiple leaders came after a meeting by the U.S. State Department and CARICOM in Jamaica this year.

Most Haitians disagreed with the choice of the U.S. and CARICOM. However, Nortreus himself gave his opinion and said a presidential council or a new government composed of members of previous administrations would bring more instability to the country.

News sources revealed on Wednesday that the creation of a transitional council responsible for choosing Haiti’s next leaders is imminent, a U.S. diplomat said during a heated forum about Haiti’s spiraling crisis.

“There is no greater humanitarian crisis in the world today than what is going on in Haiti,” U.S. Diplomat Brian A. Nichols said on Wednesday.