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GTBank frustrates customers as e-channel services shut down




Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) shut down their e-channel services on Thursday without prior notification to customers.

The Commercial Bank disruption prompted customers on social media to express their displeasure with the unpalatable situation.

Guaranty Trust Bank customers were frustrated today as they struggled to access their GTB mobile app and other e-channels.

Chinazaekpere Chukwu said, “I’m hungry as hell. And because GtBank said I wouldn’t do that today, I can’t buy food. I’m tired, tbh.”

Obi Maduegbuna wrote, “All Guaranty Trust Bank knows is food and fashion week, and to be stealing service charges from your account.” Useless bank, he added.

Olabanji Samuel noted, “If Guaranty Trust Bank wants to go into the lifestyle business, they should do so with their full chest and forget financial service.

Let customers know where they stand; you can’t stress customers out and expect us to be loyal to you, he added.

“GTBank is after my life. After buying fuel, the card won’t work, and the app won’t open, Oriaku claimed”.

“What’s going on with GTBank channels, Bikonu?” I can’t seem to access the mobile app or internet banking  site,” pharmacist Jimmy queried.

Maryam disclosed, “GTBank almost embarrassed me this evening. I stood for like 10 minutes trying both the code and the app, and it’s not working. Luckily, the woman from whom I purchased water and other supplies told me I could go with what I bought and should bring her money tomorrow. There’re still good people out there.

“I don’t know her, and she doesn’t know me. Inshallah, tomorrow morning I’ll be at her shop to give her the money,” she added.