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God told me Tinubu will rule Nigeria until 2031 – Umahi



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The Minister of Works, Dave Umahi said he got a revelation from God that President Bola Tinubu would spend eight years in office.

Umahi, who once said God told him to contest for the presidency in 2023, made this statement in an interview with Channels TV on Sunday.

Dave Umahi

He was answering a question about why he was confident the president would win reelection and finish all ongoing projects.

He said: “The Lagos-Calabar coastal road, as you rightly said, is 700 km long and has 10 lanes, five on either side. In the middle, we have provisions for rail lines. We intend to complete it within eight years of Mr. President’s administration.

“Well, you called me a pastor. But I am also a prophet, and you must know that the coming onboard of Mr. President is divine. When God starts a thing, He completes it. Therefore, I firmly believe that God has guided me to announce that this administration will endure for eight years, as it is a manifestation of His divine will.

“You can see the miracle that the President is doing through the inspiration of God Almighty, who brought him to right all the wrongs, and that is simply what the President has come to do. We are just there to support him.”

Tinubu would be 79 at the end of the eight-year reign that Umahi claimed God ordained.

The president clocked 72 on Friday. He decided not to mark the occasion but asked his friends and associates wishing to celebrate him to donate money to charity organisations in his name instead of placing advertisements in newspapers or radio.

“During an auspicious occasion like this, it is customary for family members, friends, and associates to celebrate him in different ways.

“President Tinubu, in deference to this challenging time, said he will not host any birthday events and does not want any of his associates and numerous well-wishers to organise any celebratory event on his behalf or in his name,” said a statement by his media aide Bayo Onanuga.