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German Labour Minister set to launch conference to search for workforce globally to address skills shortages



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German Labour Minister, Hubertus Heil is set to launch a conference in search of intelligent individuals and volunteers from other countries to fill positions.

Heil plans to open the conference together with Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger and Economics Minister Robert Habeck.

The aim is to show that Germany’s governing coalition was pulling out all stops to recruit skilled labour in response to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany which he expressed ahead of the conference set to occur in Berlin on Monday.

According to him, with employment numbers reaching an all-time high of over 46 million, the demand for additional skilled workers and labor is crucial to maximizing the country’s potential as the world’s third-largest economy.

Nairametrics learns that the conference will be inaugurated by Heil, alongside Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger and Economics Minister Robert Habeck, demonstrating the government coalition’s comprehensive efforts to attract skilled labor.

The congress is open to companies, networks and institutions that have successfully implemented creative and sustainable measures to secure skilled labour.

Heil also emphasized the need for increased training, further education, and a reduction in the number of young individuals lacking school or vocational qualifications.

What he said

To realize these goals, he invited over 700 representatives from business, associations and society to the one-day congress to stress the need of attracting the right talent.

  • On this day, we will publicize the many good ideas for securing skilled workers that already exist today”.
  • “…..And it’s also about attracting bright minds and volunteers from abroad to Germany.
  • “Securing skilled labor equates to securing prosperity”.

He also highlighted the importance of enhancing labor market participation among women, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities and expressed optimism about showcasing the plethora of viable strategies for skilled labor retention that are currently in place.

About the conference

The evening of the conference will also see the debut presentation of the German Skilled Labour Award, recognizing companies, networks, and institutions that have introduced innovative and effective solutions for securing skilled labor.

The award has attracted over 500 entries, highlighting the widespread commitment to addressing the skilled labor challenge.

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