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Fulani terrorists are the murderous destitute Nigerians tolerate




A social media influencer, simply identified as Olufunmilola, has called for the eradication of killer Fulani herdsmen from Nigeria.

Olufunmilola made the call in a statement on her verified X handle on Tuesday.

According to Olufunmilola, the menace perpetrated by the Fulani terrorists calls for concerted efforts to neutralize them and jettison them out of the country.

Describing them as “murderous terrorists,”  she noted that while Nigeria fiddles in the face of the incessant killings and kidnappings allegedly perpetrated by these Fulani terrorists, other African countries have dealt decisively with them.

She stated that “Fulani terrorists were unexpectedly chased out of the Central African Republic when they tried to topple the government.

“They have been sidelined politically in Guinea, put in their place in Ghanaian law, and are being dealt with in Burkina Faso.

“These are the murderous destitute Nigerians tolerate in their midst out of fear and political correctness.”

Blaming the “cowardly nature” of Nigerian leaders, she added that “these terrorists admit it boldly to our faces because of the cowardly, subservient, and self-serving nature of our ‘leaders’.”

She noted that if the leaders fail to nip the criminal nature of these terrorists, Nigerians may be left with no choice but to defend themselves.

“At this point, it is up to us as a people to take our destiny into our own hands,” she said.

She added that Nigeria and Nigerians should take the bull by the horns, saying, “Killer Fulani herdsmen will be dealt with viciously and nothing will happen.”