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Fani-Kayode criticizes Israel over attack on Iran



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Former minister of culture and tourism, Femi Fani-Kayode, has berated the Israeli government over an alleged attack by its forces on Iran. 

In a statement on his X page on Friday, Fani-Kayode accused the Israelis of staging a weak retaliation over the attack carried out by Iran against Israel.

He mentioned that the Israelis are “only good at slaughtering innocent and defenseless women and children in Gaza.”

“Poor little Israel. Sent three little micro-quadcopters that were shot down in mid-air and did not even have the guts to claim responsibility for them.

“Is that what you call a strong military response to Iran? Where is your much-touted power and strength?” Fani Kayode queried.

“I guess you are only good at slaughtering innocent and defenseless women and children in Gaza.

“When faced with the prospect of a full-scale war with Iran, you tucked your little Jewish tails between your legs and ran away. It is pitiful. Shame on you,” he added.

In another statement, Fani-Kayode, who spoke on behalf of Itamar Ben Givr, Israel’s Minister of National Security, described him as “a Zionist fanatic and a terrorist.”

He mentioned that “Israel is the only country on earth that can allow a man who has been convicted of terrorism nine times to be appointed as a Minister, and not just a Minister but Minister of National Security.

“To put it all in context, it is like having a man who has been convicted nine times for being a Boko Haram or ISWAP terrorist as a member of our cabinet and putting him in charge of national security!

“Let this sink in and tell me if anyone can still legitimately dispute the assertion that Israel is an apartheid state that is led by fascists, religious bigots, racist fanatics, and men and women of questionable genealogy and sanity.”

The former minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, until recent times, has been a staunch supporter of the Israeli government in its war against Gaza.

On May 16, 2021, he called on all Christians to “stand by Israel,” saying, “It is an article of faith for all Christians to stand by Israel. There are over 100 million Christians in this country who love and revere Israel. We pray for her every day and bless her.

He added that “Israel can and will never be defeated. If provoked, she will bring all her enemies to their knees.”