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Erisco Foods has been disgraced locally, internationally



Erisco female customer resize

American broadcasting giant CNN has been urged to conduct a laboratory test of Erisco Foods’ tomato paste. 

The call was made by Nigerians demanding the broadcasting company help investigate the alleged detrimental health effects of the product on its consumers.

This comes on the heels of the continuous detention of Mrs. Chioma Okoli by the police over her review of Erico Foods‘ tomato paste.

Chioma Okoli, on September 17, 2023, made a post on her Facebook page, highlighting the high sugar content in the tomato mix and inviting her followers who might have used the same product to share their opinions. Her post reads:

“I went to buy tin tomatoes yesterday that I will use to make stew. I didn’t see Gino and Sonia, so I decided to buy this one (Nagiko). When I opened it, Omo! I decided to taste it. Sugar is just too much. Haa biko (please) let me know if you have used this tin tomato before because thisas an like gwuru (tiring) situation.”

In a statement on X on Friday, a social media influencer simply identified as Oluchi (@General_Oluchi) urged Nigerians to boycott all products from Erisco Foods over the company’s omission to detail the ingredients in its tomato paste.

Noting that “Nigerians deserve to know what they eat,” Oluchi compared the company’s product to Gino tomato paste, which “published all the nutrition in their product.”

Oluchi’s statement reads, “Erisco Foods has been disgraced locally and internationally, which is great, but when will they declare the nutritional facts in their products? I wish CNN would take this products to a lab like they did with the bullets from the EndSARS massacre!

“Don’t Nigerians deserve to know what they are eating? Look at the last frame from another company called Gino; they published all the nutrition in their product.

“Why is Erisco calling his products 100% natural without showing us what’s in them?”