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DNA paternity test is a waste of money



The microchip will be used for growing multiple strands of DNA in parallel

Deborah Ayoola has described the conduct of a DNA paternity test as a waste of money and resources. 

Ayoola made the remarks while reacting to reports on the rising cases of infidelity and paternity fraud in Nigeria.

In a statement on X on Monday, Ayoola urged men to marry for love and not because of the physical attributes of women.

She called on men to avoid paternity fraud scandals by marrying “God-fearing women.”

According to Ayoola, men who marry because of the physical attributes of a woman are most likely to be engulfed in paternity fraud scandals.

“DNA testing is just a waste of money,” she wrote. “Why don’t you marry a God-fearing woman and a woman who truly loves you, irrespective of the way she is or is built?

“This is what you keep getting when you marry for reasons other than love. Continue setting standards, okay?”

She added that “when I talk of God-fearing women, I’m speaking of those who love him (God), not the churchgoer association.”