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Declare medical palliatives to save dying Nigerians – Ohuabunwa advises FG



Drugs sold in open market in Lagos Nigeria

The federal government has been advised to commence medical palliatives to save Nigerians from dying because of lack of access to quality drugs.

Sam Ohuabunwa, former Chairman of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and former President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, stated this on Monday in Arochukwu, Arochukwu LGA of Abia State, during the burial of Mother Grace Ugwu Ijiomanta, who died at 102 years old.

He said this would save Nigerians, especially the poor ones, from dying in large numbers because of their inability to buy drugs or manage their ailments.

He noted that declaring medical palliatives would cushion the effects of the rising prices of drugs in pharmacy stores nationwide.

He observed that most palliative programmes carried out by the previous and present administrations in the country were concentrated on foods, arguing that while it was good for the government to give foods, the programme would not achieve total results if people were not given medical palliatives to save their lives.

He blamed the rising cost of drugs on the devaluation of the naira and the nation’s currency’s struggles against the US dollar, and he explained that most raw and finished products in the medical industry were imported from foreign countries.

“There is high inflation in the country and a devaluation of the naira. Imports account for the majority of raw materials and finished goods.

“So, this is why the government should pay attention. While they are paying attention to food palliatives, they should also give medical palliatives.

“I am hearing about food palliatives. I know that food is good, but Nigerians also need medical palliatives to survive,” he advised.