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Customs C-G launches 164 new housing units for officers in Kaduna 



Adewale Adeniyi

Bashir Adeniyi, the Comptroller-General (C-G) of the Nigeria Customs Service, on Thursday launched 164 new housing units specifically designed for officers at the Gidan Iyali Estate, located in the Millennium City area of Kaduna.   

The project encompasses 142 semi-detached two-bedroom bungalows, 20 semi-detached one-bedroom bungalows, and 2 three-bedroom duplexes, with the primary aim of offering affordable residential solutions to the service’s personnel.   

Adeniyi emphasized that the provision of these housing units was not to mimic a barrack setting but was rather a strategic move to facilitate the acquisition of cost-effective homes for personnel during their service period.  

He articulated that this initiative underscores a profound commitment to ensuring that the personnel are presented with viable opportunities to own homes, thereby mitigating the accommodation difficulties encountered by some upon retirement.  

More insights   

  • Adeniyi expressed optimism that this endeavour would alleviate the housing adversities previously endured by certain officers and men.   
  • The Customs boss stressed to the officers the importance of taking advantage of the present opportunity, revealing that similar projects are set to launch in several cities, including Kano, Asaba, Yola, Abuja, Enugu, and Uyo.   
  • He reiterated the service’s commitment to its promise of providing 5,000 houses to its officers and men, underlining the dedication to their welfare.  
  • Adeniyi also visited the Mando project, a cantonment spanning 25 hectares of land, and highlighted its purpose in meeting the welfare needs of the officers.  
  • Furthermore, Adeniyi disclosed that the Mando initiative, beyond being a cantonment with residential facilities, is planned to encompass shopping malls, recreation centres, and other social amenities, emphasizing the comprehensive strategy to improve the living conditions of the officers.  

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