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Cosmos (ATOM) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Show Prospects of Price Rebounds As Pomerdoge (POMD) Soars




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Cosmos (ATOM) went through a bear run last month, which saw the token lose over 20% of its price value within that timeframe. However, the token is experiencing an uptrend, with investors anticipating a bull market soon. The Cosmos crypto market cap and the trading volume are also surging, showing more investors are joining the project.

Cosmos is on its way to breaking the $6.93 resistance level. If the coin manages to break above this level, the next resistance level to watch out for is $8.67, which could signal a massive rally. Crypto forecast platforms like Ambcrypto project the Cosmos token to trade at an average price of $12.64 before the end of 2023. With the current uptrend, the coin could hit the $12 benchmark soon.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), an alternative to the already-established Bitcoin (BTC), is showing prospects of an extended price rally. The last time Bitcoin Cash went on a rally was towards the tail end of August when the value of the token suddenly rose by almost 10%. However, it was soon cut short with another bearish trend.

Nonetheless, there has been some form of stability in the price of Bitcoin Cash in the past week. As such, experts believe that the stabilization of the price of Bitcoin Cash in the market could be followed by a sustained price rally for the token. Based on a forecast by Changelly, BCH will trade at an average price of $209 before the end of 2023.

Unlike the price trajectories of Cosmos and Bitcoin Cash, Pomerdoge (POMD) has shown consistent growth since the start of its presale and is currently welcoming new troops of investors into the platform. When launched, Pomerdoge will be an innovative platform for P2E gaming. The platform will facilitate efficient connection and networking among individuals around the globe as well as digital competition.

Moreso, investors of the Pomerdoge project will receive revenue share from the gaming platform (Pomergame). It will be shared according to the number of POMD tokens an investor holds. There’ll also be a collection of 7,777 NFTs that is exclusively for presale buyers of the token, which can be traded for profit in the Pomerdoge marketplace (Pomerplace).

Investors can join the project by buying the POMD token sold for $0.0115. With crypto experts projecting a 40x surge in value soon, now is the best time to buy as many POMD tokens as possible.

Security-wise, the liquidity of the Pomerdoge token will be locked for a lifetime to prevent a rug pull scenario. Also, SolidProof and Cyberscope have audited Pomerdoge to confirm the authenticity of the project. The Pomerdoge project presents an opportunity to improve your investment portfolio and position yourself for high ROI.

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