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Citizens fault authorities for sealing Lagos residence over waste dumps in floods



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Some Nigerians have criticized the Lagos State authorities for sealing a residence whose occupants were seen tossing waste into the flood following a heavy downpour.

Chronicle NG reports that the authorities sealed the residence of occupants on Akewukewe Street beside Ikate local government in Ijesha, Surulere, who were also affected by the flood and were caught emptying their waste into the flood.

The Lagos State Waste Management Authority, LAWMA, has over the years warned against pouring waste into the drainage system so as to prevent blocking the flow of water, an act that contributes to flooding.

Reacting to the incident on social media platform, X.

Segun Oladejo queried, “I’m wondering, when you guys carry out this sort of operation, do you tell the occupants to vacate the building or do you seal them inside, which may be false imprisonment?

@Olaghidey wrote, “I think sealing the house is not the right penalty. It’s an environmental offence, not a crime scene.

He also said, “This incident will impact numerous occupants of this house, thereby affecting their abode.

“Where will they sleep and dress for work or school?” Why seal the house when we can prosecute offenders? Even if everyone in the house committed the crime?

“Although I don’t support their actions, I do support punishment for offenders. Sealing people’s homes is too extreme. Someone might have gone out and come back to find no place to sleep or cook. Punishment for civil offences should have a human face and not be too extreme.

“Please instruct your men to open their houses and punish whoever has violated the law.”

Chronicle NG reports that heavy rainfall early Wednesday morning flooded many parts of Lagos, making it difficult for commuters to move to their destinations.

Lagosians barely woke up from sleep when the rain started to pour in torrents, disrupting daily activities and flooding the roads.

With the downpour, workers in the nation’s commercial capital struggled to get to their various work places.

The Iyana-Oworo and Olopo Meji areas leading to the Third Mainland Bridge this morning are completely flooded, causing heavy traffic that extends to Alapere.