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Cervical cancer kills 28 Nigerian women daily



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Prof. Ifeoma Okoye, founder of the Breast Without Spot Foundation, has stated that cervical cancer kills between 23 and 28 women in Nigeria every day.

Okoye stated this during the Goodway Foundation outreach, which was hosted on Monday in Ikotun, Lagos, in collaboration with the Breast Without Spot Foundation.

She campaigned for routine screenings in order to reduce mortality.

She said, “It has been observed that healthcare professionals often face challenges when many patients seek medical attention in the advanced stages of the disease. This can place a substantial burden on the healthcare infrastructure, result in high costs, and potentially diminish the patients’ determination to fight for survival.

“Cervical cancer kills 23–28 Nigerian women daily. Hence, by conducting routine examinations of the breast and genital areas, it is possible to reduce the risk of developing cancers like breast and cervical cancer, as well as various other forms of cancer that may affect the body.”

According to her, women are embarrassed by the stigma and fear of being abandoned by their spouses; therefore, they frequently conceal their illness, even from prospective solution providers.

Okoye, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of good nutrition in helping the body build up the necessary resistance, adding that women should avoid alcohol and tobacco.

Chioma Ikoku, Chief Executive Officer of the Goodway Foundation, further stated that the disease kills approximately 70,000 individuals in Nigeria.

She sought collaborations in order to spread the campaign against the disease.