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Bobrisky urges women to accept him into ‘sisterhood’




Controversial Nigerian cross-dresser Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, has berated women who are criticizing him for identifying with the female gender.

Social media was agog after the organizers of the Ajakaju movie premier announced Bobrisky as the winner of the female best-dressed category.

However, in response to the outcry, movie producer Eniola Ajao stated that the organizers chose to offer the best-dressed female category award to generate controversy as a publicity ploy.

Bobrisky responded to those women who criticized him after he earned the prize, saying in a now-viral live Instagram session that women have no choice but to accept him as a member of their gender.

Bobrisky said, “Some people are saying, Bobrisky, are you a woman? Are you a this? Are you that? I’m not here to argue anything.

“Respect people as they want to be addressed, even without just looking at my body or opening my body to see anything. Number one, you need to respect people and how they want to be addressed.

“I can see a lot of women coming out, you know, saying different things. I’ll not insult anybody. I love women. Women are the most powerful gender in the world, so I’m not coming here to say, Oh, they are this, they are that; see you guys, eh, you have no choice.

“You have to accept me as part of the sisterhood. Do you hear me? You guys have no choice. I’m part of the sisterhood already, so deal with it.”