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Bayo Adelabu: ‘Resign and go’, Nigerians tell Minister of Power



Nigerias Power Minister Adebayo Adelabu

Electricity consumers have collectively called for the immediate resignation of Bayo Adelabu, Minister of Power, now referred to as the “minister of darkness,” as the never-ending power outage deprives Nigerians of economic and social well-being nationwide.

Adelabu disclosed after a meeting with electricity stakeholders on Wednesday that “as the Minister of Power, I am deeply concerned about the deteriorating electricity supply across the country,” the statement partly reads.

“It is disheartening to witness the decline in power supply despite the concerted efforts to improve the situation,” he added.

Reacting to Adelabu’s statement on his X page. Elbruzieee (@bruzieee) wrote, “It’s looking like we might never enjoy electricity in this country. During his campaign, the president said he understood that electricity is the foundation any serious nation should fix. You all have proven not to take it seriously, because if we do, maybe 90% of our budget will go towards getting this done. How can we privatise an industry when they are not rendering services yet keeping their jobs?

“This is no longer a round peg in a square hole; it is like building a duplex on a one-room foundation. The minister of power is too big for you, and all these occurrences might hinder your governorship ambition. ‘When the kitchen becomes too hot, you should bail out’, Oluwasegun opined @MarineSege.

Sizzle (@n6oflife6), a Peter Obi and Labour Party apologist disappointed with the poor state of electricity, said, “Resign and go! You have failed in this sector. Tender your resignation and leave with whatever dignity you have left. This power sector has exposed you as incompetent before it damages your entire political career…”

A staunch supporter of President Bola Tinubu and the APC, Mama Tee (@mamatii001), disclosed” Bayo Adelabu, you are one of the best politicians I love and really support so much. I was virtually at all your Ibadan rallies silently during Ajumobi days. I was pained that you didn’t secure a governorship ticket in the last election, and I have been hoping that you will secure a 2027 Oyo governorship ticket, but Sir Bayo, this minister of a thing exposed your incompetence. Stop all these explanations and fix this thing. Don’t be a dullard, sir.”

“Lmao. Our minister of power has risen! He is just waking up.

Don’t bother; we have had two rainy days. Hopefully, by next week, we will have another rainfall to cool our weather. We have accepted our fate, Tech ESQ “@NOTIMEisNOTIME.

Strange @aminstrange kept emphasising, Just resign, abeg! Just resign. I’m sweating as I’m typing this. Please resign now.

Adelabu said, “Plans are underway to settle outstanding debts owed to power generation and gas supply companies, which will alleviate the financial strain and contribute to improved generation levels nationwide.”.

The power minister urged electricity consumers to remain patient as we work tirelessly to address these issues and provide better service to all Nigerians.

Nigeria’s Power Minister, Adebayo Adelabu