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Azul: Consumers lament over fake liquor in Nigeria




Liquor consumers in Nigeria have continued to lament over the sales of fake Azul in nightclubs, bars, and stores.

This growing trend over fake liquor in circulation has raised concerns about its effect on consumers health in a recent cry out.

Popular Nigerian singer Daniel Benson, fondly called BNXN (formerly Buju), wrote in an X post on his official page, “Respect my health, respect my money. Give me what I pay for. If you don’t have it, don’t bring a fake one.

“The next club or lounge that does this to me, I promise I will take that microphone from the hypeman and let you know,” he added.

Chronicle NG reports on how other liquor consumers reacted to the fake Azul trend.

“Those nightclub owners know that Nigerians love classism and would pay ridiculous amounts of money for anything that shows that they are more well-to-do than others. Basically, why will they package Azubuike and sell it as Azul for them?” Kaptin Kush opined.

He added that the downside of fake liquor is that it is a slow poison that harms the body in the long run with each consumption.

PengKing wrote, A snippet of a factory in Mexico where Azul bottles are carefully  handcrafted. Only 100 bottles are produced every year, and it takes 8 months to age. 100 bottles can’t even go around the USA. Pablo dey use fake Azul produced in Aba to shut down Cubana”.

Credo said, “I have been seeing posts and videos about this azul. The funny thing is that no club in Nigeria sells original liquor.

All what Nigeria has is fake; if they sell original, your favourite, and all those Yahoo boys will be drinking only 1 bottle for the whole night.”.

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