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Average fare for inter-city bus trips in January 2024 rose 89.50% YoY to N7,577.03 – NBS  



City bus fares

In January 2024, the average fare that commuters paid for an intercity bus ride in Nigeria was N7,577.03 per trip, showing a year-on-year increase of 89.50% from N3,998.42 in January 2023. Comparing month-on-month, there was a 2.36% rise from N7,402.16 in December 2023.

This information comes from the Transport Fare Watch report for January 2024, published by the National Bureau of Statistics. 

In the NBS report detailing intercity bus travel costs per passenger for January  2024, Anambra was noted for having a peak fare of N10,500.00.

Following closely, Akwa-Ibom’s fare was set at N10,000.00, with Abia, Bayelsa, Cross River, and Gombe States each charting a fare of N8,700.00. 

Towards the lower fare range, the report found Kwara to offer the most cost-effective fare at N5,900.00 for intercity bus travel per individual.

Furthermore, Taraba and Ebonyi were highlighted for their relatively affordable fares of N6,200.00 and N6,500.00, respectively, in January 2024. 

More insight  

  • In the analysis of bus intercity trip fares across geopolitical zones for January 2024, the South-South region recorded the highest average fare per passenger at N8,283.33. This represents a significant increase of 111.18% from January 2023’s fare of N3,922.32 and a marginal 2.47% rise from December 2023’s fare of N8,083.33. 
  • Following closely, the South East zone posted the second-highest average fare at N8,040 per passenger, showcasing a 101.69% jump year-on-year from N3,986.28 in January 2023, and a 3.08% month-on-month increase from December 2023. 
  • Conversely, the North-Central zone saw the lowest average fare at N7,121.43 for January 2024, marking an 82.48% rise from the previous year’s fare of N3,902.51 in January 2023, and a modest 1.57% increase from N7,011.43 in December 2023. 
  • The North East zone experienced an average fare of N7,500 per passenger, a 2.20% increase from December 2023’s fare of N7,142.86, and an 80.92% surge from January 2023’s fare of N4,145.40. 
  • In the North West zone, the average fare reached N7,300 for January 2024, up by 91.09% from N3,820 in January 2023, and showing a 2.20% growth from December 2023’s fare of N7,142.86. 
  • Lastly, the South West zone reported an average fare of N7,416.67, indicating a 74.20% increase from January 2023’s fare of N4,257.57, and a 3.49% rise from December 2023’s fare of N7,166.67. 

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