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APC supporters are either criminals, mad or flagrantly stupid



Senator Joy Emordi joins APC

Supporters of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), have been described as decadent and “flagrantly stupid.”

These were the words of Olu Ayoola, a social media influencer who berated supporters of the party for allegedly turning a blind eye to the alleged corruption allegedly led by the President Bola Tinubu administration.

In a statement on X on Wednesday, Ayoola berated supporters of the APC for voting into power, a party that allegedly ‘corrupts’ “most organizations they touch.

“If you are supporting APC, you are either a criminal, a budding criminal, or a madman, or you profit from decadence, or you are flagrantly stupid,” Ayoola stated.

“Look at most organizations they touch. If you cannot go out to protest against corruption, you should at least be able to retweet Fisayo’s tweets,” he added.

Fisayo Soyombo, an investigative journalist, is renowned for “exposing” corrupt practices, especially among political figures, government agencies, and parastatals.