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Aisha Yesufu vows to clean politics in Nigeria



Aisha Yesufu

Nigerian activist Aisha Yesufu has vowed to clean up politics in Nigeria and rejects the notion of being ashamed or regretful of her actions.

Calling for actions over apathy in a bid to mitigate the present political situation in Nigeria, Aisha urged all and sundry, dissatisfied with the status quo, to “roll up the sleeves” and get Nigeria clean.

The staunch supporter of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, in a statement on her X page on Tuesday, noted that political apathy “never solves anything.”

Aisha’s statement reads, “I am a politician. All my life, I have made choices.

“I am into Nigerian politics, and on my watch and in places I operate from, I will ensure it is clean.

“Any talk of being ashamed of politics or regretting politics, count me out. If you say Nigerian politics is dirty, roll up the sleeves, and let’s get it clean.

“Doing nothing never solves anything. Nature abhors vacuums. If you stay away, others will occupy the space and make the decisions on your behalf.”