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Aisha Yesufu blasts Allen Onyema, urges Nigerians to japa



Aisha Yesufu

Nigerian politician and activist Aisha Yesufu has urged Nigerians to seek greener pastures abroad if they can afford the financial requirements. 

Yesufu made the call in a video posted on her verified X handle on Saturday.

Her comment comes on the heels of a statement made by Allen Onyema, the CEO of Air Peace, who said earning N200,000 in Nigeria is better than earning $2000 abroad.

Berating Onyema, Yesufu noted that the Air Peace boss “is speaking from a place of privilege.”

She added that she is sure “Onyema has a house where he has 24-hour electricity. His children have had or must have had access to quality education. He has bulletproof vehicles that he uses.”

She therefore urged Nigerians seeking to enrich themselves and their skills to jettison naysayers and seek greener pastures abroad.

Yesufu’s statement partly reads, “I am a very pragmatic person, and I am here to tell you, if you have money to japa and you have the temperament and you feel you want to stay abroad, japa.

“Don’t wait for anybody. Don’t let anybody emotionally blackmail you and begin to tell you, ‘Oh, if everybody leaves Nigeria, who is going to fix Nigeria?’ First of all, everybody cannot leave Nigeria. And second of all, some of us don’t want to leave Nigeria, so we’ll sit here and fix it.

“Carry yourself there and go and get a better life. By the time you get a better life, you’ll be sending money home.

“You’ll be helping your family; you’ll be helping your neighbors you’ll be helping the nation.

“Another thing is that you’ll be getting skills over there; you’ll be getting more experience in what you are doing.”

She added that Nigerians should seek greener pastures abroad, where their security and safety are guaranteed.